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@dumi 30879 wrote:

Hi Doodah, thanks for the welcome.

You seem very influential in this forum. Looking forward to chatting more with you.

It’s great to have these forums, very re-assuring.

I did have one question, are natural fruit juices okay as part of the post op diet? I think I read somewhere orange juice should be avoided.


Hi again Dumi.

I’m not so much influential as well-connected. I work for Streamline Surgical (I was a past patient of Shaw Somers’) and run the South Coast Support Group. I have the ear of arguably the finest bariatric surgeons and clinicians in the world so, if ever anyone wants to know anything, I have extraordinarily gifted and knowledgeable people I can ask.

As for fruit juices, pineapple is definitely NOT recommended for quite a few months. Most others are ok but proceed with caution – they are very high in natural sugars. It;’s not so much of a problem for people having a band as they don’t have to worry about dumping syndrome. However, they are still sugary and that means calorific. It’s better to have a piece of fruit in all honesty. It also takes longer to eat so will help with re training to eat slowly.

You can ask any dietary advice from the Dietitian on your team. Never think the question is too simple – someone else will have already asked it or thought about it! Wls is a huge learning curve. I’m still learning after 5.5 years!

Hope this is helpful 😉

Doodah x

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