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Re: im a newbie

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@aw48 27242 wrote:

hi all, im starting my intense weight loss program on the 28th, im still waiting on 3 other test, has anyone else been on the milk diet if so what is it as im not a lover of milk so any help would be great :confused::confused:

Hi there and welcome to the friendliest place around!

I did the pre op diet four and a half years ago (just over that in fact) and found it easy. I think the reason being that I flavoured my milk most of the time. I had lattes, milkshakes and hot milk chocolate (sugar free) milkshakes (does that even make any sense?!) I kept my stock cube for the evening so it seemed like I was having something savoury for dinner and ate the jelly throughout the day when I felt the overriding need to ‘chew’.

I guess the best thing to do is remember that it is only for a short while and for a very, very important reason: to make your surgeon’s job easier, therefore, safer for you.

Whereabouts and with whom are you having your surgery and what type? We all get really excited for newbies as we know how wonderful your life will be in the future. You are in the right place for support and advice.

Doodah x

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