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Re: If you do not “dump” what does it mean – chemically?

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Absolutely fantastic support and advice guys.

My own personal experience in my fifth year post bypass tells me that even if you think you don’t dump, try eating something high in sugar or fat then see what happens….it certainly shows you who is boss still.

I got caught out about a month ago when we went to visit my sister on the Isle of Wight. I had pasta for lunch then didn’t wait long enough before I had a small ice cream. I almost passed out on the sea front. Had to sit on a bench in the rain until it passed as there was no way I could walk back to her house. I can’t believe (in hindsight) how stupid I was. It almost ruined the entire evening. All because I was ‘on holiday’ and wanted an ice cream like everyone else. If I had waited an hour, it would have been no problem. Or better still, not had one at all!

So, what I’m trying to say is that you might think you don’t dump but never, ever test that theory if you are out and about! In fact, just don’t do it at all – learn from a silly old fool like me….

Doodah x

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