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Re: I think I have a leak!!

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johncg wrote:
Hi mark

I hope this is not becoming a problem with a batch of ports… I have just had my port replaced by guy last Tuesday. As it developed a leak, ( cause not known to me) I did ask if I could see the power and shown the leak and how it could have happened but this was not forth coming.

My port developed the leak at six months, it was replaced free but I must admit I now wish I had opted for a bypass as it seems much more permanent.

Did you self fund? If so did you use a credit card?


Hi John,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I did self fund and had to get an interest free credit card to do it. Although my surgery was 16 months ago, I hope to finally pay it off this month!

I did consider a bypass but I assumed this was not an option as I was right on the borderline weight to get the procedure done. It was also more expensive so my preference was for the band.

I am being careful to not put any weight on as I have no restriction, but still managed to put a couple of Kgs on. I’ll have to be more careful as my next appt is in a months time. Tried to get an earlier appointment but Guy suggested I wait till June so that he could confirm whether there was a leak.

How long did it take you to recover? Were you at the Clementine Churchill? How did it all happen? How long did you have to wait for the replacement port? Was it a general or local? Etc….


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