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Re: I started my Milk Diet today!!!!!

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@Lelly 34615 wrote:

Exciting times ahead Steve, I am very well and sailed through without hardly any problems, I did help myself by losing 6 stone in the year prior to surgery, I was 31 stone 10 pounds, I know, I know a right porker, I was 25 stone 11 pounds on the day of my op and now I am 22 stone 6 pounds. I am not losing loads but it is a consistent 1 stone a month. Some words of advice, where I have tripped up is, eat slowly and chew! Drink loads but sip don’t gulp, that will hurt, I know that I harp on about it but hot squash is lovely and goes down so well, cold drinks are a nightmare just after surgery. I drink hot nas squash more than anything now, I used to drink black coffee but cannot face it now. Drink hot milk or hot milky coffee, especially good when food won’t go down and I try and have one hot milk drink per day, love it. When you go onto real food rather than mush, you may find that eating meat and fish becomes a problem. I can now eat fish again, yay but still struggle with meat, hard a bad day yesterday after attempting to eat a small slice of very tender cold lamb, affected me all day urgh! You will be fine and believe me when I say I do not regret having this op for a second, my life does not revolve around food all the time anymore. make sure that you have some little pots of pureed meals squirreled away in the freezer for when you get home, I had pureed cottage pie, fish in butter sauce with mash and carrots, roast dinner is a good one as well although I didn’t do that :O( I don’t cook roasts in the summer, much to my family’s annoyance. Any questions feel free to ask Steve

Lelly x

Fantastic advice from Lelly. I love how people who were once terrified newbies, end up helping other newbies get through it! We all become so knowledgeable, don’t we? Especially about the things NOT to do!

Doodah x

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