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Re: I have been inform i have to enter tier 3.

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I did tier three and was really annoyed with it not found any of it helpful or informative , saw nurse monthly for dietary advice and weight . Offered three half hour psychological itsessions ( wow that was really unhelpfu) at that time my family was experiencing DV police involved but they couldn’t offer more like psychologicall impute . In fact I sorted out my own therapy . Which I would recommend . Had exercise personal trainer but couldn’t do anything as I was on steroids and too poorly . I’m just the hoops needed to jump through . But on reflection I do think that having therapy . Exercise and knowing about dietary needs were important and I use them all the time . After wls you are constantly thinking have I had my nutrition / protein . Taken vitamin Done the exercises And when the s… Hits the fan ways to cope with distress and stress without your best friend food .

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