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Re: I have been inform i have to enter tier 3.

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@leisa66 34126 wrote:

I have my first tier 3 appointment tomorrow…So pleased but still feel my goal is a lifetime away

There are many of us on this forum who completely understand how you feel right at this moment. It felt like it took decades for my surgery to actually happen as I was turned down twice before I had it. I tried to keep saying to myself ‘everything happens at the right time for the right reasons’ and, although I didn’t actually believe it at the time, it IS true.

If I had had it sooner, I would never have met some of the most amazing people I now call friends. They have become a life line for me, even after 7 years. I might not have had the brilliant Shaw Somers as my surgeon, and the whole course of my life would have been different.

So, whilst I am not in any way trying to convince you that your goal isn’t a lifetime away, I am trying to say that the RIGHT time for you will come.

Please keep in touch so that we can all help you on your path. We will support you 100%. When you are having a bad day, come here and rant as sometimes, simply getting it all down in black and white can make sense of it!

Doodah x

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