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Re: i finally have my date :-)

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@soon to be skinny 28858 wrote:

Well ladies I’ve been out today and brought all my jellys for the milk diet that starts in just over 2.5 weeks and some more sugar free crusha… it was really strange as I felt so proud walking around buying the things I require 🙂 I’m so excited its unreal.. I’m even having trouble sleeping as I just keep thinking about all the positive things post surgery…. is anyone else like this or am alone on this one? Lol…. it will be a different story on the day tho as I’m a huge wimp :-/ but I think what will get me through that morning will be my children’s voices saying “mum I can’t wait till u can play football with us and run around” … and for the first time ever, I can’t wait till I can run about withthem 🙂 sorry for my rabblings on lol just far to excited xxxxxxxxx

This post has lifted my spirits no end today. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it.

I can almost feel your excitement! It’s why I love my job so much. I get to see lovely folk like you all the time – so full of positivity and excitement for the future. You have every right to feel like that as what lies ahead is better health, extra happiness, a clearer mind, and best of all…more time with your families.

I feel absolutely brill after reading this. Thanks again

Doodah xx

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