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Re: I am back!

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@jansus28 32031 wrote:

Oh thank you Doodah that brought a tear to my eye! Very emotional as I feel lost with it all! I have been sticking to the eating plan by Nicole the nutritionist! Day two feel good today! Yesterday was day one and I felt awful I think I was have withdrawal symptoms from the sugar! Still get dumping with some sugar! My main problem is my portions are getting bigger and I am having to eat often! But it’s all carbs! I have changed jobs and this one is more challenging and I am now doing my MSc so lots changed! I need strength and faith to get through this as I really do not want to go back! Thank you all for your support means loads xxx

How are you today Jan? did you manage to get through the bank holiday weekend ‘unscathed’?

Now didn’t I tell you you were a treasured member of this forum? You are already helping people again! I personally think being part of a group is one of the top five most important things for success after wls. No matter what we do or think we might do, someone else has already done it and learned from it.

You are stressed out and seeking carbs – hello, that sounds awfully familiar! Most comfort food consists of gazillions of carbs and we literally crave them when times are tough. It takes an awful lot of willpower and resolve not to give in to it. Well, we are all merely human so it happens. The trick is not to beat yourself up over it but accept that you have made a mistake and try your darnedest not to keep repeating it. This wls journey is a very, very long one and is not a straight road. be prepared for detours and endless roundabouts that we seem to just keep going round until we recognise the correct turn off.

Use what you learned previously (and with fab success) as your sat nav. And take along some passenger for support. I for one am delighted that you are back. As for joining a weight loss club – you are not at an unfair advantage if you are merely attending to lose some weight. You have merely evened the odds with the surgery. You CAN lose weight now as before you couldn’t no matter what you tried.

I would repeat all of this to Lesley (Deifersmum) too. Do what you have to do to get back in control. You have both already done the most important thing – admitting to yourselves that you don’t like the way things are heading and want to get back in the driving seat. You can both do it. Of that I have no doubt whatsoever. Take things slowly, take plenty of rest breaks along the way, plan your route and try to enjoy the ride. Your journey is a continuing one just like it is for us all. We are all here to help you, just as you have helped so many of us.

Doodah x

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