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Re: I am back!

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Thanks Doodah, Lesley and Kimbley! It’s means so much and you are there for me and me for you! Thanks Doodah for saying I am a valued member!
I have been exhausted and I mean exhausted this weekend! I am so glad I was off and I have today and tomorrow off work! Saturday and Sunday I slept each day during the day a total of five extra hours and still slept through the night that’s when I knew that there was something wrong! I was burnt out and not right! I got my bloods done last week and today got results and my iron, ferritin and Vit D are border line low! I have been not great at taking my multi bits but since last week and sticking to the healthy eating I have been taking them daily!

Eating I have not had any cakes, biscuits, sweets or rubbish since Thursday! Feel great and have lost 5 lbs!!!!

Yes Doodah your are so right it’s hard it’s a roller coaster and it’s always a learning curve!

For once in my life I now have to take control and I know it’s going to be hard but I have a goal and it’s only me that’s going to get me there! But wants nice this time I have you all for support! You all know what I am going through and do not judge which is great and what we all need!

Thanks for being there for me and it’s making me stronger everyday when I see you all have replied to my post! We are in it together!

Janice xxxx

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