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Re: I am back!

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Hi Janice, thanks for your post, I think that is the key to success, more exercise and less food, simples, oh if only!!!! One think my gp said to me a while go, and I have since found that he is right, if you exercise when your feeling tired you don’t stay tired for long, your energy levels increase and, it does work, it’s just getting over that initial walking over the threshold and going to the gym. I’m lucky I have my own small gym at home, treadmill, vibradisc and assorted pieces of equipment that promise a flat stomach, only trouble is you have to use it !!!!!!! and even that is hard work sometimes and I only have to change my clothes and walk into another room, but it’s for my own good. I have been thinking of going back to weight watchers but I am hesitating go it would feel like I’m cheating everyone else thee, I do after al have a small advantage. Anyway, enough of this wallowing, I must and will do better it’s for my own good and nobody else is going to do it for me !!!

Take care Janice and thanks for listening, it’s good to share just hope I haven’t depressed you any further with my problems. We can both do this, we’ve done it once…

Take care and lots of love

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