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Re: I am back!

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@jansus28 32218 wrote:

Very true all the way!! Thanks

Yes I have to remember I am studying and things have changed a lot since three years ago when I was last studying! I was 22 stone and smoked 20 fags a day! Now I have stopped smoking two and a half years ago and 7stone lighter! Have to go easy on myself!!

I am doing my MSc in Infection Prevention and Control at UCL london university! No pressure! I am still working full time as a senior clinical Nurse Specialist in Infection Prevention and Control at the Royal Free Hospital! I specialise in Renal Dialysis and Transplant patient services and Liver transplant patients! A very big area to cover as I have six dialysis units in the north of london as well as four wards at the hospital to cover as well as outpatients! I advice and support them with managing and preventing infections for patients!! When the do not wash their hands right I appear from no where and tell them off!! As well as being a mum to a 18 year old who starts Uni in September doing her nursing! A step mum to two boys 17 and 30 yrs old and a fiancé! I have made him put on weight as I cook very well and give large portions!! We travel an average of four hours a day going and coming home from home to work!! Not good! So only have two hours in the evening during the week to chill but I do my Uni work then sleep and weekends I am tried but have to do house work reading studying and be a human being! As well as a bypass patient!!!

That’s me!! So it’s long! But that’s why I find it hard some times!!

Lots of love Janice

My old Dad always says ‘life gets in the way of living’ – just about sums it up doesn’t it?

It is an absolute necessity to make some time for ourselves every day. Even if it is just an extra 15 mins soaking in the bath with a magazine. That’s what I do anyway! I use Lush bath bombs and have gentle meditation music in the background. It’s amazing how that 15 mins makes so much difference.

You are doing brilliantly, especially to have given up smoking too. I’m so impressed. Well done my lovely. It won’t always be this manic. But if it is, I have every faith that you will cope 🙂

Doodah x

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