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I know parents have the ability to drive us to murderous thoughts at times, but as insensitive as they are, they secretly admire us, its just that we don’t hear the praise when we should. My darling mother has as no tact whatsoever bless her!! I took her out on Sunday, bearing in mind I’d lost 23lbs since being on the milk diet and she hadn’t seen me for almost two weeks, her exact words were ” Oh you look so well since your op, you can’t notice the weight loss that much really, but you look so well” !! Unbelievable, I was so gobsmaked I just took a deep breath and thought her cataracts are so obviously playing her up! Before the op she would always remind me of how much better I looked slimmer and made comments about carrying so much weight that wasn’t good for my heart!! (her idea of caring)! On the flip side of these uneccessary comments, I’m told by my sister that my mother never stops praising me and is very proud of me, so I guess being her daughter, she just feels she has the right to let me know exactly what I really don’t want to hear. I do love her but I just wish sometimes (and I’ve told her) to engage the brain before the mouth goes into action, which she thinks is funny……..aaargh!! Parents eh? Mind you if my dear dad was alive he would never even think to pass judgement.


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