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Thanks everyone for your hugely supportive comments. This morning my Dad’s comments seem almost laughable (which is probably what I should have done when he said them..laugh!) He rang me Buzz to help try and sort our the legalities of his latest divorce…he’s 77 for heaven’s sake! So you’re right he would have been preoccupied (even if it wasn’t the footie). We have a saying about the light being on but no-one being home and I also guess last night the lift didn’t go to the top of the building. However I do know he thinks I am clever and a great achiever (that’s why he comes to me for help) and I also know he used to try and motivate me when younger by telling me I couldn’t do something (like pass an exam!) so I would try extra hard to prove him wrong! Buzz, Precious, Solucky and Claire…welcome to my new extended family…if there were ‘family swap’ you would be high on the list…hadn’t considered selling Claire (what a solution that could be) and so very disappointed to hear that it is not viable. Carol x

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