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Re: How wls has helped me so far

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@shelleymarie 25088 wrote:

Hi all. Just wanted to share some more exciting develops I’ve had since have my bypass 10 weeks ago. I’m doing really, really great! I’ve lost over 5 stone, I’ve got a part time job after not being able to work for years and there is talk of full time employment, I’m a size 24 when I was a size 36 and I can now walk when I couldn’t at all before the surgery. I was basically too fat, now I can walk half an hour without back pain and I’m getting fitter every day. Guy Slater saved me from a miserable existence and literally saved my life as I doubt I had longer than 5-10 years the way I was going. I’m looking forward to seeing him at my next check up to thank him personally. Any pre op’s reading this, It’s worth the wait and everything you are going through, it really is. Thanks everyone who supported me pre op, especially Doodah, I know we started in similar places so I thought you would appreciate hearing how well I’m doing. Hopefully I get where you are one day 🙂

Shelley, for some reason I have only just seen this post (I was on holiday for 2 weeks mind) and I simply cannot tell you how HAPPY it makes me to hear all your news. I could honestly Squeal with delight!!! In fact, hang on – I’m going to do a little happy dance…….

There! I just made a total fool of myself in front of my two dogs haha!

I’m so, so, so happy for you. This has made my Monday one of the best ever. I hope Guy Slater gets to read this Shelley. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Well done my darling – you have worked so hard for your success. FIVE stone in 10 weeks!! Totally inspirational.

I’m so very, very proud of you xxxxx

Doodah xx

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