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Re: How to dress

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@bikerchris 34107 wrote:

Having spent the majority of my life with clothing that if it fits it’ll do I’m coming to realise that I have no idea how to dress. As I’ve reached a healthy weight, the clothes I now have fit me but I still have a tendency to lean towards jeans and t-shirts, plain colours, flat shoes. I’ve learned how to dress for business and I know I look good on the occasions I have to wear a sharp suit but I’ve never got to grips with pretty, girly fashion.

So I have to start somewhere, I’ve been shopping and bought some pretty tops, bright colours and patterns. And some jersey summer trousers again patterned. My son is graduating next week and I have a dress to wear. I just hope I have the confidence to wear what I’ve bought. Some women seem to do fashion so easily, they always look stylish and yet I’m tying myself in knots about wearing something with flowers on. Perhaps I should just get on with it and be less self obsessed!

Chris xx

This is an often overlooked ‘problem’ after wls, Chris. I too used to wear what fit and was available – not what I would LIKE to wear.

Debenhams and John Lewis do a free service of a ‘personal shopper’ which you can book in advance. I would recommend it 100%. I’m sure the other department stores will do it too (House of Fraser, M&S, Harrods, Harvey Nicks etc.

Most dept stores also offer free make up makeovers too. Our debenhams are amazing – they even give you free samples of the ‘look’ they create on you so that you can try it yourself at home before you commit to buying.

Free Personal Shopper

Get yourself a personal shopper on the high street | Daily Mail Online

Hope this is helpful Chris. I’m certain you will look fabulous whatever you decide to wear 🙂

Doodah x

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