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Re: How much weight have you lost?

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@bikerchris 33685 wrote:

I’m the same with the yoghurt. After my op, I started with the extra low fat Greek style one from Tesco with my own fruit added. But after a few months I found it wasn’t sustaining me. I’d have my breakfast and be hungry again an hour later. So now I have the full fat version with raspberries and blueberries and a handful of seeds sprinkled on top.

Its truly outstanding, a breakfast of champions. In fact I’ve sometimes gone for a repeat and had the same for lunch or tea!

Chris x

I’m a creature of habit too Chris. I just find it so much easier as I’m inherently lazy lol! I cook loads of different stuff for other people, but I like to stick to tried and trusted things for myself.

Bizarrely, I have never been an adventurous eater. I stopped eating pork and fish many, many years ago (I was five when a dinner lady forced me to eat fish at school and I was sick) and then only ate chicken, turkey, beef or lamb.

I know I have somewhat painted myself into a corner food-wise, but I’m quite happy to be there!

Doodah x

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