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Re: How much did you all loose on your milk diet?

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Andy Toms

@ClaireBear 16827 wrote:

I was advised that I should loose a minimum of a stone… and I’m panicking about it tbh! I get a Weigh in on Friday (op following Tuesday) and I’m scared to death that I wont have lost that much! according to my scales I’m only on 4lbs! 🙁

What you have to think about claire is that we are all different in the way we lose weight, also the losing weight is more a bonus than the real reason for doing the milk diet….. the real reason is to shrink your liver to make the operation site more accessible for the surgeon to do the procedure

i personally lost something like 10kg’s (22lb’s) between my first meeting and my operation date which was in something like 7 weeks, though i am sure others have lost more and some less, as we all lose at different rates so although i wish you good luck with your target to lose a stone please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage it

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