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Re: How do you cope on hoilday

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@tink1970 28631 wrote:

Just wondering I’m going away to Cyprus (first hols away) how do u cope…do u have to declare all your pills lol…. I know this sounds silly…. Tad worried as I’m going mid August why did I agree to it I ask myself think the panic has set in already. More worried about getting dehydrated c

Tink this is a very good question.

I went to Corfu on my first holiday after wls! great minds eh?

Make sure you put all your medications in a clear plastic bag and include all your prescriptions or a printed list from your GP. This will apply wherever you go. I had to take two lots last year when I went to the Maldives because we were going the final few miles to the island on a seaplane. It meant our luggage would arrive later. So, half in my hand luggage and the other in my suitcase. This meant that if our luggage was late, I wouldn’t be without my meds and, more importantly, my inhalers. You do not need to declare your medications unless they are pressurised (like my inhalers.) But check with your airline to be sure.

As for keeping hydrated, just sip water all day long. ALL day long. You will find loads you can eat in Cyprus as they have a very healthy diet. I actually lost 8lbs on that holiday to Corfu!!! I swam every day, did plenty of ambling around plus (and this is only my own theory) the relaxation of being warm and in beautiful surroundings, made my digestive system work super efficiently.

Don’t panic but get TOTALLY excited. It’s almost the same feeling but one is negative and the other positive. Wls is all about leaving behind all the negative and embracing the positive so get those arms ready to hug the frilly heck out of life from now on ;-))

Doodah x

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