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Re: Hope you are all ok.

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@Boo22 34881 wrote:

Hi doodah, just logged in and saw your post so thought I’d let you know that all is good thank you and I’m sorry I don’t get on here too much lately as life is usually pretty busy! I’m almost three months post op now and three stone lighter which is amazing for me. I’m in a size 16 which I haven’t been for so many years! Touch wood I have been lucky enough so far to have had no complications and hardly any dumping and have lost any craving for bad foods! One thing however does worry me which is the vitamins issue. I currently just take one forceval capsule daily. I work in a gp practice and see letters with regard bypass patients who have had their surgery down by the lovely Mr Pring stating that they must take 2 daily plus calcium and vit d plus a three monthly b12 injection. These letters are generic ones, not patient specific, given to patients post op that have had surgery on the nhs. Obviously no blood tests done as yet as they are straight out of surgery. I am really concerned that I’m going to end up deficient in some way and can’t afford to get ill or tired. Should we definitely have b12 injections 3 monthly and be taking calcium and vitamin d regardless of blood test results? I’m seeing Juliette next month and will discuss further then but what do you all take? Many thanks in advance.
Boo xxx
Hope you are all well and look forward to hearing from you

Hi boo the cardiac rehab nurses contacted the dietitian recently as I was on one Forceval a day and via d and calcium. cacti D3 . But because of being on Warfin and having to monitor the bit k in my diet they edited it was better to have two sanatogen a day and the cacti . As the forceval doesn’t have vitamin k in which was a problem for my bloods . I never had vitb12 injections yet ! But having blood done soon . I don’t think there’s a problem as the cardio surgeons do loads of bloods in October .

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