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Re: Hope you are all ok.

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@penny 34883 wrote:

Hello all,
sorry not been in touch lately been very unwell moving around like i was 20 years older than i am. but have now turned a corner i think, i did see the lovely C Pring and he believed it was were my port was taken out and there is a lot of scar tissue pulling on things not sure what things but there is some bits stuck, he said time will settle this , if i still feel bad get back in touch with him. today i walked half way to work about 30 minutes , worn out when i got there but fine after a rest. i am eating fine to fine actually i did ask c Pring how big is my stomach as i do seem never to feel restriction ever! not sure what that would feel like. sorry i am going on and on, i do hope you are all well best wishes to you , chris and boo xxx

Hi Penny

I hope by now you are feeling much better. There is so much illness going around that I think almost every person I know has either been ill or has had to take care of someone who has been poorly.

As for restriction, are you eating as much as before wls? That’s what you have to compare your intake to. It’s so easy for our portion size expectation to become skewed.

If you have seen Chris Pring, please let us know what was said (if you would like to of course.)

Doodah x

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