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Hey All

I am 3 months post bypass – and things are going well I am pleased to say. I have lost about 4 stone 10lbs so far, which is great. I have a question, though. I am in the USA at the moment, and I have had to clear US security twice now. They use a different security machine to what we use in the UK – you stand in this pod, and a machine scans you – you have to stand with ur legs apart and your arms above your head. Twice it has pulled me up, and twice they have told me something has appeared in my groin area (lovely). Can anyone tell me if they can think of anything to do with the bypass which might be causing this?

Other than this “issue” which is not the end of the world, life is basically good. Like all of us I have some bad days where food just seems to disagree with me, but the plus side of being below 23 stone for the first time in god only knows how long way outweighs that.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Simon X

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