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Re: Holiday and Travelling advice

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@Buzz 9138 wrote:

Hi Moonie,
Everyone has the same sort of suggestions…. bottled water plenty of it…
Otherwise I would be sure to pack some antacids….. with everything else…
Oh and a print of what you have had done, a little picture (laminated) it saves trying to explain….


Buzz xx

What an excellent idea Buzz, printing off a picture, who would ever of thought of that!!!! (gold star for your chest!!)
I would take your hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE. I have been advised to use it after handling money and also, Once you have dished up your dinner, and sat down, I would sanitize, germs are easily spread from the handles of the serving spoons!! Might sound drastic, but you best be safe than sorry. I am off on 25th October to Egypt (sharm) everyone says don’t eat the salads, they say thay about eating it in any country, but I couldn’t live without salad for 2 weeks, it will be my main diet!!! I will let you know how it goes! I have had my jabs, so with a bit of immodium packed and some corks, hopefully I will be ok lol. Most people I talk to who have been say they got a bit of upset tummy, which I think is to be expected most places you go, but having had the op I am also a little more concerned. I will also be 18 weeks postbypass when I go. I will report back, I am home on 7th November.
I can’t wait!!!!
xx precious xx

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