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Re: Hiya, I’m a newby being banded on 11th March at Clementine Churchill, Harrow

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@Soolie 31143 wrote:

Hi everyone, my name is Soolie, I am 52 years old and have battled with my weight all my life. I can not do this on my own anymore… I have done Weight Watchers, Slimming World, hypnotherapy – you name it I’ve tried it and athough I have initial success I just CAN NOT keep at it. I lapse and end up heavier than when I started. I am miserable, I dont look in the mirror any more, not really, I certainly dont see the fat lump that I have become – I am 227lbs and am lazy and immobile, just because everything takes so much effort. I am small compared to some, but hey, its all relative. I’ve made the decision to have a gastric band and had my first consultation on Monday 10th February and am now booked for surgery on 11th March in London.

I am worried about my health, I’ve given up smoking at last, and now fear diabetes etc as I get older. I am very happily married but have no kids, so no one to look after me when I get old and grey !

I am excited and scared in equal part – and have joined this forum for support and information from all you good people. I want to share this journey with you and desparately want you to tell me your stories and how its worked for you.

Love and best wishes to you all as we travel this path together xxxxxx

Hi Soolie and welcome to our friendly forum.

Well, I can see that your journey so far has been very, very similar to everyone else’s – yoyo dieting and declining health and happiness to look forward to in our old age! Luckily for us, there is a solution. Thank heavens for wls eh?

Where and with whom are you having your surgery? And what wls are you having?11 March will come round SO quickly! Are you doing the milk pre op diet or another kind? It is quite normal to feel excited and scared equally. In fact, if you were not at all scared , you might not have realised the impact surgery will have. You have to be prepared to follow the guidelines and change your whole way of eating. It takes time and effort but my life, it is worth it! My surgery saved my life – what more could I have asked of it? As Teresa says, i just wish I had done it sooner.

Have you joined a support group? Streamline surgical have two – one in Harrow with the lovely Stacey Brova and one in Portsmouth with yours truly! Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to have had your surgery with Streamline.

I look forward to hearing all about your journey and remember, we are all here to help. It’s a tough one so lean on us whenever you need to.

Doodah x

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