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Re: Hiya, I’m a newby being banded on 11th March at Clementine Churchill, Harrow

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@”flutterbylily 31181″ wrote:

Hi soolie I was banded sept 21 2013…..after many years of yo-yo dieting!!! I am now 3 stone 5lb lighter….and gone from a size 20 to a 12-14…. I personally have had very few difficulties at all really, just silly things like leaving to long between meals which make you eat quicker and are more susceptible to getting food stuck and did a couple of weeks ago eat to much and Ohhh did I know about it, but other than that nothing really! I eat 5-6 spoons of Special K in a morning ( half spoons or even less) A worburtons thin with ham in for lunch Maybe a ryvita thin mid afternoon And veg and chicken served on. SmAll plate for tea The weight loss is very slow now but although the scales arnt moving a great deal my body shape is dde04 I wouldn’t say I was ill after the op but more sore is a better way to explain it. As long as you do everything that is asked of you you will be fine honest!!! You will be kicking yourself wishing you’d done it years ago dde09. They will be certain foods that you won’t be able tolerate in time, mine is mainly red meat and bread, skin off pears and oranges, and doughy things! I have got 6.75 ml in my band now and am nearly at what they call the sweet spot so I’m a little bit more reluctant to go for another fill yet, my last fill was 16 th jan….. Good luck on your journey Hun and honestly you have nothing to worry about!!!! A little bit of discomfort from the op and that is it!!!! GOOD LUCK LISA

Oh thank you Lisa xxx

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