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Re: Hiya, I’m a newby being banded on 11th March at Clementine Churchill, Harrow

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Hi Soolie,
Welcome to this wonderful forum. I know how you feel, I think! I had my op at the Clem last Tuesday, a bypass and I am doing great really. I don’t know where you live but support is everything in this. I was discharged from the Clem on the day of their group last Thurs and it would have been a step too far to go that day. I have to say that I have never been to Portsmouth, and will probably get lost, but I really want to go to the Portsmouth group because all the support I have been getting on here is from people in the Portsmouth group. They are wonderful, simply great! Treeza is meeting me outside tonight when I go, and my husband Alan is coming too. I can not wait to meet everyone for the first time.

So if you can get to a group as soon as possible I think that will really help. I am sure that both groups are both great, but in you connect with people on here, it is worth travelling I think to go to the one which feels more supportive. That is only my opinion though and the support will be here from everyone, whatever and wherever you choose.

Meanwhile take care and looking forward to being in contact with you as you carry on with your journey

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