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Re: Hi I’m a newbie can anyone answer any of my questions please?

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Hi Sam
Well done you, thats great. Yes the exercise really helps doesn’t it. How did the infil go? I didn’t feel too restricted until my second infil. Actually the biggest difference is that I struggle to eat some textures as they get stuck which is quite painful and has to come back up again. However I’m not complaining it all helps to reprogramme my thinking. I went shopping yesterday and was able to buy clothes in smaller sizes in shops that I haven’t shopped in for years. I was so excited. Let me know how you are getting on

@SamVaughan3604 23314 wrote:

Hey Talula, thats Brill, I have just been reading your posts from the beginning, I had my band done on the 23rd March and have my first fill this week. I feel I need it now after 6-7 weeks didn’t you? I feel the portion sizes creeping up so cant wait……. Bit aprehensive about the procedure but it will be a win win….. I have lost 2 stone also and so pleased already and thats without the 1st fill.

I do aqua gym once or twice a week and it really does tone you up as you are loosing which is why I wanted the band.

Its all will power but seeing the weight come off gives you the encouragement doesn’t it?

Well Done….Look forward to sharing the journey 🙂


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