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Re: Hi I’m a newbie can anyone answer any of my questions please?

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Hi heidi
How are you getting on? I’m now at the 2 1/2 stone mark at three months post op so seem to be having a similar journey to you. The last few weeks have been really slow only losing 1lb a week on average have you got any tips for speeding things up a bit or it this normal. I’m swimming a couple of times a week but need to try and do something everyday i guess.
Take care

@hides 21437 wrote:

Hello talula

I had my band done privately here in taunton, last Oct… So just over 3months ago. My loss to date is 2 and 1/2 stone. I have no regrets, but it is not all plain sailing. You sound similar to me, but i was 19.1 when i started, i’m 5’7 , and i too have a sweet tooth…. I’m sorry to say, that this isn’t the golden ticket…. It is a tool, so willpower and changes have to be part of the journey too. This can be a challenge for me at times. I have reached the stage were i know exercise has to start to keep things on track.

As for bypass, you will find many people on here who will give you helpful advice. I think this is a personal choice for everyone…. For me a bypass was too much, like you i have no medical problems , but i do have a young son that i have to transport to school etc etc. i have no family that could help during the recovery time, and to be honest it seemed too drastic for me….. But that is me….. I have heard that some poeple have turned to bypass later in their journey, and i guess i will deal with that, if or when that happens. I suppose i’m hoping to of changed my relationship with food by then……. But who ever knows.

Talk to as many people you need too, which every way you go, you have to do this for yourself…. What s right for me, might be wrong for you. Knowledge is power, so be prepared. Good luck, and keep in touch.


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