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Re: Hi I’m a newbie can anyone answer any of my questions please?

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Hi Talula,

I had the band done at Xmas and thought nothing had changed for me but that was because I was not working with the band. My food binging has now stopped and I now know that its me that need too take control of my life and eating habits the band helps with the ‘controlling’ side of things.

I know its not going to be a quick fix with having a band, hard work and changing eating habits will add to the success. If you are not a grazer or you do not eat chocolate frequently then the band should be a good option. I have heard that with the gastric bypass, you just need to eat and your body makes you stop when you are full…. but it also means that sometimes you get the ‘dumping’ feeling which means you may not be able to eat chocolate – I felt this was too drastic for me as I enjoy having a guilty pleasure every now and again. My husband also felt that not being able to indulge on sweet things would be a very big change for us all and he would not have felt comfortable if I couldnt eat something the entire family was having. He liked the idea of the band as it meant smaller portions and also because I had to work at it! Not to say people with the gastric bypass, do not work hard. He just felt for me, I had to ensure I changed my eating patterns as they were very unhealthy. I guess after having two kids I just got bogged down in making sure the family was okay and forgot to look after myself. Having the band makes me look after myself – does this make sense.

Okay, I am going to go… but do think very carefully and please speak to one of their consultants they are so friendly. It really is a big decision so also speak to family and see what they think, even a friend to get another opinion. Tell them how you are feeling and why having surgery to lose weight if the way forward for you.

Good luck

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