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Re: Hi I’m a newbie can anyone answer any of my questions please?

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Hi talula
I very rarely get hunger pangs… And i have a very sweet tooth like you….

To be honest it is in our heads…. At the moment i’m never hungry first thing in the morning, it gets me about 10 am, so i try and do something sensible then. Lunch can be anything from soup, to small pasta pot with salad or small jacket pot.. I would usually have a biscuit mid afternoon. Dinner can be anything from chicken and veg to a w/w meal , low fat sausage and mash etc etc. then i will have a slimfast choc bar in the evening (not every night) ….. I’m sure you get the idea.

In the past, my usual day would be 2 toast, mid morning snack… lunch… Big shop sandwich, choc bar, crisps…. Tea … Anything with chips… And every evening i would rewards myself with choc bar and crisps…… I cant say i dont miss some of that, but i’ve changed what i buy…. So slimfast choc bar, (boots) shaper crisps…. And i do try to do a treat every other day. But i gues it is willpower too,

In the beginning i was told i was 7 and 1/2 stone overweight, but i told myself i wanted to lose 5 stone, and i’m half way there. I still want to live and enjoy the naughty things from time to time….. When we go out and eat i pick different things….. Sure i would love to tuck into a big burger, but i couldn’t eat it, so i just dont think of it. All swings and roundabouts, the band helps to a point, and then you have to take over.

I went and bought some trousers in m+s yesterday (size 20) , and they were loose, but an 18 too tight… Also got a lovely linen spring top (size20). 3 months ago that would of been size 22/24 trousers and a 26 top.


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