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Band rehearsals last night were just great! I’m a singer and I couldn’t believe it, I did notice that my breathing control and diaphragm have been mildly affected by my surgery but I need to do some more deep breathing exercises over the coming weeks to get my full breathing back to normal. Just can’t wait to get back to gigging and one of the boys even noticed my weightloss at this stage!

I have told them a little fib and said I had Gastric Reflux surgery.. I may finally have to tell them the truth as I didn’t have a beer afterwards, just a squash and no crisps and peanuts which they munch on after rehearsals.. they are curious as to why I am still saying no to these things but it’s been great so far.

However I admit by the end of it all I was completely wiped out and ready for bed so I noticed how tired I was but guess I’m still recovering. xx

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