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@triedeverything 28702 wrote:

Hi Selena.. that’s early for your hair to fall out? I thought we had that joy to look forward to a bit further out? I’m so glad you’ve got plenty of hair, I on the other hand have very fine hair and it’s short so I’m dreading this bit! No sign as of yet though.

Really pleased to hear you’re feeling good, I am aswell! It’s been pretty straightforward and each day is better. I do find if I over exert myself I get tired but trying to pick up the pace of life gently. Took my daughters to school this week and have to walk down a very steep long hill and back up again.. nearly killed me yesterday! So I’m meeting them at the top until I feel better. The top of my stomach seems to feel a little tender inside when I overdo it but otherwise everything’s great.

Starting back to band rehearsals tonight but I’ve warned the band I’m not lifting anything and I’m gonna sit down for some of it.. but can’t wait to see if I can sing ok!? Here’s hoping as I’ve got bookings from the 22nd June straight through the summer.

Catch up soon!

How EXCITING!! How did first rehearsal go? What do you play?

You are very wise to listen to your body and adapting your activity accordingly. In a year’s time, you could be running up and down that hill like a little jack rabbit lol! Great post.

Doodah x

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