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@RaeRae 25760 wrote:

Hi Girlies
Not been on for a day or 2 as have been feeling utterly pants, a few reasons for this I think, firstly, I just cannot tolerate cold water which is driving me nuts as I cant bare it not cold,good job I blooming like Coffee, I am only managing to eat the tiniest amounts and that’s when people remind me, as appetite has flown out the window( not that that’s a bad thing lol) Been advised to eat mash potato and liver pate oh yum, but did swap it today for some chicken instead chewed to death. I also think a little complacent when feeling well and am doing to much, HUGE bit of advise REST REST REST. Good grief listen to me moaning, On the plus size my knees which I have struggled with for a long time have stopped hurting Yippee, and extremely excited about the weight dropping off which I know it is happening as we speak as most embarrassing moment so far my trousers fell down as I was carrying the washing up the stairs, and the elastic hadnt snapped Woah Woah xxxx
Hope you are all well
Rae xxx

Hahahahaha! Omg that reminds me of when it happened to me! I was being a bridesmaid to a friend last year and was carrying a (very lightweight box) of her stuff through the hotel corridor as she struggled with her dress, shoes etc. All of a sudden, my sweatpants dropped to the floor and I tripped over them and almost fell flat on my face. We could hardly move for laughing and her mascara had to be re-applied! One of the many funny stories I have to tell my Grandchildren if I’m lucky enough to have any 😉

Anyhow, REST, sip and keep trying to eat little and often. It might be a good idea to switch to decaf coffee too as caffeine is dehydrating. You are doing fabulously 😀

Doodah x

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