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Hi Ladies
Thank you so much for your replies, I feel quite well a little issue with water as it seems to hurt when it goes down, which is really strange, so I must admit this has been putting me off and I have not been drinking as much as I know I should. I have been really lucky no nausea, but that could be to do with the fact that I am able to eat really small amounts, not because of difficulty but just because I don’t want to at all, my appetite seems to have completely gone my husband keeps saying have you eaten, so I seem to be managing third of a tin of soup and 1 small yoghurt daily, cant face weetabix or readybreak, so at the moment I am drinking milky coffee for breakfast as well as through the day. Hopefully the appetite will come back just a little otherwise I may end up skin and bone LOL.
I do get quite tired so am not exercising to much a bit of walking but that’s about it to be honest at the moment. Looking forward to when I can climb mountains LOL.
I do get quite a bit of pain if I burp and hiccup, and I try anything to suppress sneezing cause that hurt like hell so don’t want to do to much of that. Apart from that all feels fine I am getting more pain from the Fragmin injections that are bruised and become raised and hard. Cant wait for that to stop.
I was also going to ask if anyone advices me to get an emergency something like bracelet or dogtags as I have seen post about airways and medication if god forbid i am in an accident, if yes what exactly should i get put on it.
Sharlotte i wish you all the best for your op and look forward to speaking to you after.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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