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Re: Here I go :0)x

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@treeza 29033 wrote:

Just taken my pre op photo’s as although I’ve not lost much weight since being on the milk diet my body shape has really changed! Very strange but that’s the human body for you! I worn the outfit I wear to the gym & all I can say is eeek! Poor people!

Just made up 3 lots of sugar free jelly as two of my very dear friends at work are joining me on the milk diet for the day. It’s also my last day at work until post op! I think I may get a tad emotional if weds was anything to go by! Must say it freaked me out a bit when I said bye to some of the guys I won’t see again until after as I suddenly thought what if I don’t make it!!! Silly I know but hey I’m a bit of an emotional person at the best of times x

Anyway under a week to go now! This time next week I will be recovering back on the ward!

Thanks for letting me share I always feel so much better for writing it down!

Lol T :0)x

It really does feel better when we share doesn’t it? especially when we share with people who understand 100% what we are going on about haha!

You may be an emotional person anyway but you honestly wouldn’t be ‘normal’ if you didn’t worry a bit. I would be concerned that you hadn’t thought about it enough if you were not!

this time next week you will fee nervous but oh so excited to be starting your new healthier, happier and longer life xx

Doodah x

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