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Re: Help required… a friend of a friend is coughing up black stuff

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@RHD 24876 wrote:

Hi, I have a friend who has a friend… who had the band done 4 years ago.. recently she is coughing up black stuff. Her friend asked me to check to see what the forum would say… she thinks it may be that the band has slipped, has anyone experienced this?

I told her that she should go to the doctors in the first instance as anything that does not seem right should be checked out! But her friend wanted me to check on the forum to see if it may be related to the band… so being a good friend I am posting this message.

Anyone seen anything/experienced anything like this?



You are indeed, a very good friend.

Please advise him or her to go straight to her GP as the condition sounds potentially harmful and should be addressed immediately.

Whilst we all care for and support each other on here, none of us are in a position to offer clinical advice at any time. Therefore, it is essential that your friend seek advice from a health professional as soon as possible.

Hope your friend gets help soon. Please let us know how they get on.

Doodah x

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