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Re: HELP PLEASE! Band Removed – 5 stone put back on – what now??

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As you asked for this is only my opinion-AN HONEST INSIGHT and I am speaking for myself ONLY.
I also had my band removed and had a bypass
The bypass allows you to eat so much better and healthier food
however it is important to address the isuue where you said in your post above
that -you learned to eat around it so gained back
in the end it really honestly and truly ALL comes down to diet and excersize
I was hospiailised with severe malnutrition with my band at a huge 27 stones how embarrassing
I had the bypass and lost 9 st in 9 months but not a singlr pound since
and i live on 850 calories per day because as soon as I increase to a more healthy 1200 cals then i immediately GAIN weight.
However I would never have a band again
BUT I would have a bypass again tomorrow
Another thing is( not always but often) patients with a band and then revision to a bypass do have much slower weight losses that frequently plateau stall and in my case completely stop even though they may still have 100lbs or more to lose
This is a difficult and very personal choice
but when you see Mr Somers please be honest about how you ate around the band as he will then know exactly which is the best surgical option for you as there are other bariatric surgeries too.
I do wish you luck in your weight loss journey
It is the hardest thing I have ever done -but it is so worth it for my health as I was 31st at my heaviest and am 18 stones now so technically have gone through both BARIATRIC surgeries and am STILL A CANDIDATE for bypass surgery today as my bmi is still 43 but it was 69.9
I really believe from your post above that you need to fix your food/eating issues in your head brfore attempting to fix your body cause if you dont address this major issue
ask yourself
when the bypass is a year or two out and you can eat anything again
Until you can answer that for yourself
perhaps you may not be ready for this surgery???
I do not know you
only you do so you will know within yourself
PLEASE don’t think im putting you off
Im just responding honestly as you asked for
best of luck whichever option you decide onxxxxx

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