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Hi Bellyman, I am due to have my bypass on the 2nd Sept. But a few years ago I managed to lose 8 stone with lighterlife, (and put it all back on again) – but I couldnt get my head around my weightloss. People didn’t recognise me even close up, so I must have looked very different. But I didn’t think I did. I had put my life on hold for so many years saying that, ‘when I lost weight I would e.g. go on holiday, ride a horse, start exercising, and that life would be soooooo very different. But it wasn’t! I was still me, looking out at the world the same way, I couldn’t see that I was any different at all! I know that my expectations will be different this time, I am doing it for my long term health and don’t expect life to be so very different this time! Its hard isn’t it. Hope you are ok xxx

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