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Re: Help …. Gastric band 08/03/12

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3.5 stone is an immense amount of weight. Try carrying a sturdy medium sized dog around with you 24/7 and you will see how much that is. Also, the slower it is lost, the less likelihood of excess skin being a problem too. How about going back to soup for a few weeks? It’s comforting and nutritious and can be absolutely packed with protein. Also, never forget the power of water. making sure you are fully hydrated at all times is SO important.

My non wls husband has just lost 2st by eating more at lunchtime, less in the evening and almost doubling his previously inadequate water intake. He gained weight due to finishing off my meals….ooops… as he has never had a weight problem (grrrr, lucky thing) but upping his fluids has made a huge difference, not just to his weight but to his energy levels in general.

Anyway, what I’m trying, very clumsily, to say is that bandsters lose it much more slowly than bypassers because, in general, they have less weight to lose so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just keep trying and follow the guidelines – it will happen.

Doodah x

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