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Re: Help …. Gastric band 08/03/12

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Well done for losing 3 1/2 stone that’s still great. I went to have my band filled yesterday naively thinking they would put in 2ml or something, but left disappointed with 1/2 ml as the restriction can happen at any time now they say. So now I’m at 6.3ml which I hope the weight will start shifting.

If not I think I’ll just have to restrict my food even more & live with being hungry until its sorted out.

I’ve got a weekend away in December which is fancy dress, so really want to get down to a size 14 for that. So that’s my aim now I know it’s 2 dress sizes but hopefully it’ll be a realistic target with exercise as well as not eating a lot.

They did advise me that everyone is different with the weight loss & because they wouldn’t actually class me as being that big that’s probably why it’s slower than normal as well. Also I’ve got polycystic ovaries so that’s another factor of slow weight loss.

Hope you manage to kick start your weight loss again. Maybe try swooping your jacket potato for crisp breads or something like that occasionally so it’s lower in calories, but still the right texture.


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