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That’s amazing Gwaza. It will feel like waiting for Christmas a bit early!

The moment you get accepted, is the actual nano second that your life starts to change – well, it was for me. I walked out of Shaw Somers’ consulting room feeling lighter immediately. Like I had been given a stay of execution, as my weight was killing me very, very slowly. A month later, my death sentence was lifted and I have been clawing back my life ever since.

This sounds dramatic but when you are so poorly that you know you are going to die young if no-one helps you, it’s exactly how it feels. It has been said that eating disorders are the slowest form of suicide and I agree with that. I knew what I was doing was killing me but I was powerless to stop. The misery of my everyday life as a super morbidly obese person made me eat for comfort and thus the cycle was repeated, ad infin. Shaw Somers gave me the tool to break that cycle.

Wls isn’t about the ‘plumbing’ (as Mr Somers refers to his hugely skilled profession haha) it’s about being given a lifeline. I’m so excited for you. It’s hard work and there will be times when you might think ‘What have I done?’ – usually, in my case, when I’m freezing cold and can’t get warm – but what you will have done is save your own life from absolute flippin misery and possibly even an early grave. Now THAT is exciting!!

Doodah x

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