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Hi Boothy Babi and welcome.

A little rebound weight gain is perfectly normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. If you had said you had gained 4st back then I would have suggested seeing your GP to get a referral to a dietitian but you have gained back only lbs.

It is your body settling in to the new way it has to process food. At first we lose weight hand over fist and keep on losing it. It then slows down, realises that the ‘job’ is done so takes a rest. This is when regain can occur. You can deal with it in several ways:

1. Accept that you are still 13+ stone lighter than you were and still be delighted with your hard work and achievement.
2. Step up your exercise regime and make adjustments to your diet.
3. Go back to basics for a few weeks.

I have gained 4lbs and have chosen to do the 1st option. In the scheme of things, it is absolutely ridiculous for me to beat myself up over a small regain. My Mother reiterated this by telling me that I am a middle-aged woman and it would have happened anyway!! Harsh, but true haha! Also, we have to consider what we think of as our goal. Our surgeons teach us to aim for a ‘Healthy’ weight rather than an ‘Ideal’ one. If your ideal weight is much lower than your healthy one, you could spend the rest of your life being miserable and being hard on yourself for absolutely nothing. Therein lies madness. We had wls to rid ourselves of all that negativity so why re-introduce it to our lives?

Anyway, this is merely my own opinion. I’m four years post op and thank my lucky stars every day that I am still here and own my life again. Hope this has helped.

Don’t worry about finding your way around – we all get a bit lost to start with haha!

Doodah x

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