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@Whitey 25515 wrote:

I can really identify with Keith. So many of us have tried everything to try and to get rid of this weight to improve our lives and received little or no support from the medical profession. I have a real phobia of going to my GP’s surgery after being made to feel so bad about myself because I could not lose weight. My GP was so unhelpful that I even had to pay a £40 fee for a private appointment before he would sign the paperwork for Lighterlife! I did not even apply for NHS funding because of lack of GP support and I felt so scared of any contact with doctors. With Streamline you feel you are treated like a ‘proper’ person. You feel that all the staff understand how you feel and how emotional you feel about being overweight. I even look forward to my clinic visits at the Sudbury Clinic now as everyone is so lovely and it is lovely to chat with other patients. 3 months post bypass and the weight is coming off slowly but surely and I am determined to become more assertive with future dealings with my GP.
Doodah is so right when she says we should put ourselves first. I know it’s a lot of money but think of it as an investment in a new life for you and your family. I wish you all the best Elaine x

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me (and all my colleagues at Streamline) feel to hear you say that you feel valued as a person both at the Sudbury clinic and with the staff. It’s Streamline’s primary objective so it’s wonderful to hear that it’s working! I myself have experienced all the same prejudices as all of you so I can identify with you 100%. I know first-hand how awful it feels to be made to feel a failure. Shaw Somers and all the team made me feel worthy and valued as a patient right from the start and I am positive that it helped me to stay strong and focused throughout the 18 months it took to lose all my excess weight. Thank you so much for being so positive about them too!

Doodah x

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