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@londonmag 25503 wrote:

Makes me want to cry doodah that at 31st and bmi or 57 my trust – Berkshire will not help. Not only nervous as hell, but had to take out 2 credit cards for this with no huge plan to repay.

Never had a bad thought in my life in reality, but what goes through my head in regards to the people in charge locally would not make pleasant reading


I’m so, so sorry that you are finding things so difficult and that you have received so little help along the way from the people who should be taking care of you. The funding issues for almost every area of health care need to be addressed and quickly. I don’t understand why they are not helping you with a BMI of 57. Berkshire’s BMI limit is 50 isn’t it? You can apply to other PCTs where the limit suits yours or is it too late?

I wish I could make things better for you but all I can do is offer my support and help with whatever I can. Not much I know… It’s hard to stay positive when you feel like the whole world is against you but a negative attitude is insidious and ends up blighting every other aspect of your life so please try to remain hopeful that things will be ok. Try contacting the hospital again to see if they can offer any help with how to go about applying for a PCT with a lower BMI threshold. They may not but then you could research it on the internet or NHS direct. Also, make yourself very familiar with the NICE guidlines regarding bariatric surgery. They change all the time! Your GP should be able to help you with this too. NEVER give up hope xx

Doodah x

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