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Big Martin

Hi Katy
I was due to have my bypass carried out yesterday, but I got a phone call late on Tuesday afternoon, saying that it had been cancelled untill further notice, I had already been on the Milk diet for a week and had got myself already and mentally prepared. It feels a real anticlimax now and not sure when my Op will be done. I was initially told to start eating normally again, but suggested that, seeing as I had only had to do the Milk diet for a week, I could stay on it, hoping that they might carry out the operation in the next few days. The lady did say that surgery had been cancelled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and no operations had been cancelled for Friday (today), here’s hoping they have resumed today and will soon catch up with the backlog quite soon. Hope they don’t postpone your operation next Wednesday. I received another call last night saying, they still didn’t have a date for me, but did say I could eat a very low carb diet, so I would still be able to have an operation without going through the pre-op diet from scratch. They still wouldn’t say why all this has happened. I have my own ideas why they might have done it, if it is for the purposes of deep cleaning the theatres, then I would sooner they do that than risk peoples lives.
Here’s hoping everyone gets their operations carried out soon.
All the best Katy

Big Martin..

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