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@Doodah 34386 wrote:

I cannot praise nuts highly enough! I’m a vegetarian so nuts are my main source of protein along with cheese and pulses. Most days I have porridge for lunch with a variety of nuts and fruit in it. Yesterday I had blueberries and brazil nuts and today I will have honey and fresh nectarine with hazelnuts. With some berries and nuts, you can make a different lunch every day and the texture of the nuts forces you to chew, chew, chew!

You have done exactly the right thing by buying some nice bits and pieces to keep in your fridge. That way you won’t get bored but will be healthy and be balanced nutrition wise. Cucumber – another underrated food! I LOVE it. I have a tiny little loaf of multi grain bread (they look like a child’s portion) to make a sandwich. Thin slices of cheddar cheese, cucumber, whole grain mustard and a tiny scraping of butter. YUM!!

I’m so happy that you are learning what suits you. Like I said, we are all learning – all the time!

Doodah x

Tried fishsticks today, formally crabsticks and no not for me, hated taste, texture and the look of them, so our doggies will get them later, if they like them. I am enjoying trying things now but my taste buds have changed, I so had a sweet tooth before my op and now I am savoury but food is not the be all or end all anymore, love it!

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