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@Doodah 34380 wrote:

So glad you are feeling better Lelly.

It’s such a learning curve after wls isn’t it? I’m seven years post surgery and I am still learning every day!

I always say that if you run into trouble, go back to basics. I go to soup. I have home made, nourishing and easy to digest soup for a few days to allow my pouch to settle. It works for me, but we are all different. If you continue to feel uncomfortable, ring your team. We can fall into the trap of ‘blaming’ our weight loss surgery for for everything!

Have a great week my lovely.

Doodah x

Thank you for your advice and kind words, I am better, I still get problems but I believe that it is probably my IBS now. I think that I was trying to eat too much, I look at what I have on my plate and think, is that it but when I eat it, it is enough or even too much, it is weird after eating so much to eat so little, now I realise that I don’t care about food it has been easier. I was also keeping to the same things and I was bored, I now have lots of little bits in fridge and cupboard to ring the changes, had nuts for the first time today, chewed them to within an inch of their lives and they went down fine, also having cucumber with my cheese now, peeled obviously, bliss!

Lelly xx

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