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@Lelly 34361 wrote:

I am going to phone Loxwood tomorrow but has anyone had diarrhea problems after surgery? I do have IBS but has been under control with Co-Codamol but is not having any affect at the moment. I am also having problems with eating, like I can eat something one day and try again and bring it up, some of what I bring up is food the rest is really thick gungy stuff, sorry too much information I know. It is getting me down now and I am frightened to leave home regarding bottom problem


Hi Lelly.

What you are describing sounds like dumping syndrome. The gunge is caused by over production of the salivary glands in the body’s attempt to digest food. It is like something out of ‘Ghostbusters’ – ectoplasm!

I have also had botty trouble when I have dumped. It’s horrible and can make you nervous about going out. The solution? Eat very, very slowly and avoid high fat, high sugar foods. Also, don’t drink anything 20 mins before or after food. Your little pouch doesn’t have the capacity to take it all and will chuck it out (either end) of your body.

Dumping Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Foods to Avoid, and Treatments

Please click on the above link to read more about it. Also, have a word with your team. Everyone is different and you may have a problem that isn’t even wls related so it is always wise to check with your team. Don’t worry, they will have heard everything before and will be eager to put your mind at rest.

Hope this is helpful.

Doodah x

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