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In my case I have a very slow digestive transit and always have,once every three days was normal for me before surgery and that’s with the massive amount of food I used to Hoover up. Post surgery I was lucky if I went once a week and by then it needed help big time as it was dry and rock hard (TMI) from being in for too long and having just about everything taken out by my digestive track, and that with with me drinking loads of water.

I am now on a daily dose of Movicol and go every other day without issue, if its a problem post surgery See your doctor and ask for some help and don’t wait until it’s impacted and you need to get the spoons out or make like the constipated mathematician and work it out with Pencil and Paper 😉

Keep an eye on things and don’t wait too long before you ask for help.

And don’t take Moviprep instead of Movicol even though Moviprep will have you as clean as a whistle within minutes of taking it. 🙂


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