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Re: Help 2 months post op and gaining weight :(

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Thank You, Noodlex, for your post.
Are you having large enough meals and sticking to scheduled snacks? And of course keeping your fluid intake up. After that, it may very well be down to distracting yourself until the cravings past and willpower.

I don’t think there is a problem with one rich tea biscuit as a snack. I have made myself some protein ice cream which I found in Carol’s Cookbook. Its all protein so good for boosting protein levels and whilst not being quite the same, it still feels like a treat. I also love Petit Filous. On a personal basis, I have always found carbohydrates rather addictive so try limiting your carb intake to wholefoods and complex carbs. Although not handy to carry with you, all these will help if you are really hungry but if it’s head hunger then maybe you need some professional help with a councellor to help you learn to overcome this. I’m sure you are not the first who has encountered this problem so get in touch with The Loxley Centre and see if they can help. I’m sorry you are finding it so hard, I’m only just over a week post op so have all the temptation of a returning appetite and cravings to face. Take the bull by the horns and try reorganising what and how you are eating now and you can return to success. Remember this is path is a winding one.

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